About US

Shenzhen Hello3D Technology Co., Ltd. is a 3D printing material manufacturer, 

with a factory area of 5,000 square meters and an annual output of 1000 tons.

Located in Shenzhen China, We aim to provide the best 3D printing materials to all global customers. 

Currently we already have rich experiences in serving customers all over the world.

Over these years, endorsement with quality products and reliable before & after sales services, 

it is our core to win customers follow up and trusting !


About Raw Materials:

Perfection of our 3D print filaments depends on 100% fresh import raw materials and strict production process control.


About Packaging:

From plastic spools to vacuum bags, from filaments colors to boxes and cartons, 

we provide OEM customized services for all possible needs.


About Delivery:

On time delivery, even offer tailored shipping options, just in order to save a penny or a minute is our pleasure.


About After-sales Service:

Provide after-sales technical support and quality guarantee. If theres quality problem, No excuse. No delay. 

Replacement or reimbursement will be applied on time.We take the duty from the starting to the end.


Hello3D willing to share the risk and growth with you!

  • 2014
  • 06-06

    First producer in China

    Frosted Bronze
    printed like real bronze

  • 07-16

    First producer in China

    Better mobility on functions
    The printings more smoothly and no obvious layers

  • 2015
  • 09-08

    First producer in China

    Real Gold Like
  • 2016
  • 06-05

    First producer in China

    Silk-like filament
    The prints will shows high smooth and glossy surface really like silk,actually without any post-processing
  • 2017
  • 07-06

    First producer in China


  • 07-07

    Marble White

  • 08-10


Production Brief Browse
  • Cherry wood
  • Ebony Wood
  • Padauk Wood
  • Red Wood
  • Walnut Wood
  • Wood
  • TPU Flexible Transparent
  • PETG Carbon Fiber
  • PETG Grey
  • PETG Purple
  • PA / Nylon
  • Silk like Rainbow Kingfisher
  • Silk like Rainbow A
  • Silk like Rainbow B
  • Silk like Rainbow C
  • Shining PLA Rainbow
  • Bicolor PLA Silk like Pink+Dark Green
  • Shining Purple
  • Copper Like
  • Tri Color Change-Lava
  • Silk like Copper
  • Silk like Gold
  • Silk like Fog Blue
  • Silk like Blue Purple
  • Silk like Lavender
  • Silk like Youth Red
  • Silk like Wine Red
  • Silk like Silver
  • Brass Like
  • POM
  • ABS Graphite
  • ABS Maroon
  • Silk like Silver Grey
  • Silk like Dark Blue
  • Silk like Orange
  • Silk like Sky Blue
  • Silk like White
  • Silk like Pink
  • Silk like Green
  • Bronze Like
  • Copper Like
  • Marble White
  • Wood
  • Real Gold Like
  • Aluminum
  • Shining Silver
  • Shining Black
  • Shining Blue
  • Shining Pink
  • Shining Gold
  • PC
  • PA / Nylon
  • POM
  • ASA
  • PCL
  • Conductive
  • Carbon Fiber PLA
  • PLA Multi Color
  • Glow In The Dark PLA Firefly
  • PLA Luminous Green
  • PLA Luminous Red
  • PLA Luminous Blue
  • PLA Light Change Purple
  • PLA Light Change Blue
  • PLA Light Change Red
  • PLA Light Change Yellow
  • PLA Temperature Change Orange To White
  • PLA Temperature Change Green To Yellow
  • PLA Temperature Change Orange To Yellow
  • PLA Temperature Change Blue To White
  • PLA Temperature Change Red To White
  • PLA Temperature Change Grey To White
  • PLA Temperature Change Yellow To White
  • PLA Fluorescent Orange
  • PLA Fluorescent Green
  • PLA Fluorescent Blue
  • PLA Fluorescent Yellow
  • PLA Fluorescent Red
  • Silk like Yellow
  • Silk like Tricolor
  • TPU Flexible Transparent Orange
  • TPU Flexible Transparent Green
  • TPU Flexible Transparent Blue
  • TPU Flexible Transparent Red
  • TPU Flexible Blue
  • TPU Flexible Skin
  • TPU Flexible Yellow
  • TPU Flexible White
  • TPU Flexible Transparent Yellow
  • TPU Flexible Purple
  • TPU Flexible Black
  • PVA
  • ABS Light Change Yellow
  • ABS Light Change Red
  • ABS Light Change Blue
  • ABS Light Change Purple
  • ABS Temperature Change Green To Yellow
  • ABS Temperature Change Orange To Yellow
  • ABS Temperature Change Blue To White
  • ABS Temperature Change Red To White